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Life is full of excitement and decision making from the moment that a new baby is born. Each day parents make decisions on protecting their child and choosing immunizations is no different. Making educated choices about immunizations are important to protecting your child’s health. By getting immunized, you protect yourself and your children from a number of serious diseases. Many of diseases were once spread in epidemic proportions, but through the use of immunizations, many of them are controlled and in some cases eradicated. Because of the protection that vaccinations have provided over the years, they have been under control for the most part. Immunizations have saved millions of lives over the years and have prevented many more from the spread of various diseases.


Vaccinating your child is a choice in protecting your child from these vaccine preventable diseases. Even though some parents may have concerns about their children and the safety of immunizations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a strict testing of ingredients and the immunization schedule to ensure that the safest product is provided for the children.

While vaccines are safe and recommended for most children, some children should not get certain vaccines for medical reasons. Children with certain medical conditions might have special vaccine needs. Work with your doctor to choose the best vaccination strategy for your family.

Shots may protect your baby from these diseases:

Vaccine Recommendations for Adolescents

adolescentAs our children grown older, we want them to remain healthy and stay protected. Keeping up to date with preteen and teen vaccine recommendations is a great start to a healthy adulthood. Teens typically develop a larger circle of friends, become more involved with social and school functions and activities. The following are four vaccine recommendations for preteens and teens to help protect them, their friends and family.









Vaccine Recommendations for Pregnant Women

pregnantPregnancy is an exciting time for many who may be starting a family for the first time. The steps for a healthy baby begins in the womb of the mother who can pass immunity to her child by getting vaccinated while pregnant. Please check with your healthcare provider to discuss your specific needs and CDC’s recommended vaccines for pregnancy.

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