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Shots for Tots was created in 1992 in response to the low levels of immunizations among preschool children and the epidemic outbreaks of measles in Louisiana.

Even though children are required to be fully immunized by the time that they enroll in school, they are most susceptible to vaccine preventable diseases during their infant years. The vision of Louisiana’s Infant Immunization Initiative is to see that 90% of all children are immunized with their primary series by age two.

The Louisiana Shots for Tots Coalition is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is committed to children’s immunization by working cooperatively with public and private entities to further educate and update parents and providers to achieve the highest level of immunizations for Louisiana’s most valuable assets, its children. Although, the immunization rates in Louisiana for children have progressed, our goal still has not been met and the work will continue toward achieving that goal.